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Letters from Santa

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Each of our designs are uniquely designed in a choice of colouways to suit your preference complete with handwriting styled font from Santa Claus.

Letters from SantaLetters from SantaLetters from SantaLetters from Santa
Santa Letter Design #1
Santa Letter Design #2
Santa Letter Design #3
Santa Letter Design #4

Create your unique and personalised magical letters from Santa Claus and we'll send them direct to your child in our North Pole post marked Santa Envelopes.


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Personalised letters from Santa Claus complete with North Pole Post Mark...

A Letter from Santa...



How to order your Letter from Santa... It's as easy as 1, 2, 3...

Your step by step guide to creating your magical letter from Santa.


1. Fill in a few simple details about your child that will make your Santa Letter appear magically personalised and unique to them.

Simple details incluce their name, home town, age, best friend and their Santas Christmas List top present to make their Letter simply magical.



2. Choose the letter from one of our four specially written Santa Letters, which will magically include all your child's personal details you've already entered.


3. Next you can choose from one of our Santa Letter artwork designs.

You can preview the letter you've created when the details you have supplied are magically entered before you proceed to make payment. See how it will look to your child when they open it, you make any tweaks and ajustments you feel necessary if you have any before completing.



It's as easy as 1, 2 , 3...

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