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When will my Letter From Santa Be Sent?

All Letters From Santa ordered prior to November 2020 will be processed and held for despatch commencing the 1st of November2020. Orders placed after this date are despatched immediately on the same day before 2pm or the following working day to ensure you receive them for Christmas morning. Please check last posting dates for late orders made in December.


Last Post Dates for Royal Mail 1st Class Post deliveries within...


United Kingdom - 20th December 2020

Europe - 10th December 2020

International - 10th December 2020


Orders should be made prior to the above dates dependant on your location.

What is the delivery charge on orders?

For orders within the United Kingdom delivery is included in the price of the purchase. For orders outside the United Kingdom a small charge of £1.49 for delivery within the UK and slightly higher for Europe and the rest of the world from £2.00 upwards is applied to each order. This is inline with the recent postal increases made by Royal Mail.

What information do you keep?

We only keep the basic information you enter to enable us to process your order. We use PAYPAL for online payments. Payment information is kept confidential by PayPal, and is not shared with any merchants including Letter Sent From Santa.

My Order hasn't arrived yet ?

If you have not received your order please contacts us so we can chase the status of your order with Royal Mail to find out when it will be delivered. ordering your Santa letter early will ensure you receive it in time for Christmas Day. For more information on last posting dates for the christmas period please check with Royal Mail. All our letters are sent 1st Class Post with Royal Mail. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee deliveries being on time for orders made late December, however we do despatch them same day or next working day via 1st Class Royal Mail.


For missing letters please contact us - Royal Mail deems a letter is classed as missing after 15 working days...


So hurry and order early to avoid disappointment...



Each of our designs are uniquely designed in a choice of colourways to suit your preference complete with handwriting styled font from Santa Claus.

Letters from SantaLetters from SantaLetters from SantaLetters from Santa
Santa Letter A4 Design #1
Santa Letter A4 Design #2
Santa Letter A4 Design #3
Santa Letter A4 Design #4

Each letter from Letter Sent From Santa is individually addressed by Santa Claus or Father Christmas with the magical personal details of your child like Name, Age, Best Friend etc. and delivered direct to your doorstep complete with the North Pole Post Mark.

Our magical and personalised letters include UK postage prices and our Special Santa Claus envelope.

Lapland Letters from Santa Claus start to be posted from the 1st December 2020. All orders placed after this date will be sent via 1st Class Royal Mail on the date of order l making sure these magical Santa letters arrive in time for Christmas Morning.


Create your unique and personalised magical letters from Santa Claus and we'll send them direct to your child in our North Pole post marked Santa Envelopes.


Order today... Only £2.99


Personalised letters from Santa Claus complete with North Pole Post Mark...

A Letter from Santa...



How to order your Letter from Santa... It's as easy as 1, 2, 3...

Your step by step guide to creating your magical letter from Santa.


1. Fill in a few simple details about your child that will make your Santa Letter appear magically personalised and unique to them.

Simple details incluce their name, home town, age, best friend and their Santas Christmas List top present to make their Letter simply magical.



2. Choose the letter from one of our four specially written Santa Letters, which will magically include all your child's personal details you've already entered.


3. Next you can choose from one of our Santa Letter artwork designs.

You can preview the letter you've created when the details you have supplied are magically entered before you proceed to make payment. See how it will look to your child when they open it, you make any tweaks and ajustments you feel necessary if you have any before completing.



It's as easy as 1, 2 , 3...

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